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Biothermored Moist Heat Pads

Live Life, Manage Pain.  Endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

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Registered Australian Medical Device, for Pain Relief and Pain Management.

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  • Excellent treatment on my shoulder from Martin and his team after a very painful skiing accident. I would highly recommend Doyle's. AF-Glebe

  • Love the heating pad...best therapy for sore back I've found so far.  Pain conquered in 30 minutes. Ann B - Pyrmont

  • Martin is way more than a physio. He is a health magician, a lifestyle choice, responsible for adding another 20 years to my life according to my GP! Anne B. - Pyrmont

  • I give it 4*; it deserves 5* but no one would believe me! We use it on knees & lower back with great relief.  We wait like a cat waiting to pounce when one of us is using this heating pad.  We have found it truly beneficial as well as easy to use & safe. Set, forget & hope 30 minutes drags by.  We both found great improvement - we are purring with contentment in fact! Antoinette - Sydney

  • Best Physio, trainer and friend! Thank you for changing my life! BM-Central Coast

  • It gave me great relief and practically abolished my chronic lumbosacral backache. Dr R – TAS

  • Thank you Doyle's for recommending the Biothermored.  The benefit is amazing for pain management, I apply it every night to my thoracic spine.  I highly recommend it to anyone... you will see the difference with this wonderful product. E.A.C - Rockdale

  • I am very happy with this heat pad.  The controlled warm-up and heat time means there is no chance of overheating the sore area as can happen with wheat bags heated in the microwave.  I have had almost instant muscle relaxation which seems to last well after the pad is removed.   Elizabeth-Glebe

  • Well done Doyle's for importing this product into Australia! We are a 3 Biothermored household! We nearly have the whole body covered ... But not quite! I first got the large one for a recurring back problem and was hooked ... I then felt I had to get the neck/shoulder unit & it went from there! If I feel any early muscular problems the Biothermored can usually melt them away. It is a really great product - Soooo much better than the old wheat bags(I don't know how many of those I nearly burnt in the microwave!!!). Tip - 30 mins of Biothermored with a glass of wine is a great way to relax! Jenny-Glebe

  • Recently I was introduced to the Biothermored… I can say that the result is amazing and highly recommend it. John H. - Glebe

  • Excellent product not found anywhere else in Australia! I'm a professional photographer and the day after a shoot I feel like I've had a serious gym workout - the body aches. I use the large heat pad a few times each week to help the body recover faster. After using the product I wake up the next day without aches and pains and my body feels well rested. It is so relaxing I love it! Joslin - Sydney

  • Great Physio! Martin has fixed my chronic back, strengthened it through his exercise clinic & made my life's dream come true ... I can now run!!! JT-Glebe

  • Without the Biothermored I would have been immobilised.  Suffers from sciatica, and chronic back and shoulder pain. Ken-Sydney

  • I have found the Heating pads fantastic.  Have used it on a few people who have had lower back ache/pain prior to and after treatment and it appears really effective.  I’ve also used it on some of the AFL players that I treat and they think it’s a real winner.  I would say they are a “must”  in every clinic.  I’ll certainly be letting other Therapists know about them.    KS - Massage Therapist - inc. elite AFL players, VIC

  • I recently underwent major abdominal surgery, I do believe the Biothermored is helping me reduce internal swelling. Lyn - Pyrmont

  • As a physio for over 25 years, the Biothermored has made a significant contribution in the management of my patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain and acute neck or back pain. M.Doyle - Physiotherapist

  • I purchased the small Biothermored moist heat pad for relief of chronic migraine and headache pain. I am very happy with it, very convenient as you just plug it in and it provides constant heat. Can't imagine life without it now, it is used all the time when needed. Finally I can toss away all those microwave heat packs! M.Ryan

  • I have a disc problem virtually can't do anything about it, constant pain, and regular heat packs just don't get through. Biothermomed is gently increasing heat over muscle areas and release tension within minutes. 30mins twice a day and my back pain is decreased, no painkiller needed. I also use it for neck tension. I highly recommended to anyone needing instant relief!!!! M.W - Pymble

  • In our clinic these hot packs are used 7-10 hours a day, on 2-3 patients an hour, 7 days. Multi-disciplinary clinic, QLD

  • I am very happy with the product which I use primarily for a chronic lower back problem.  It is very convenient to use and provides constant and consistent heat for a long a period as I like due to both the time and temperature control features and the use of an electrical outlet.   It is extremely flexible and I have used it at home lying on a bed and sitting watching TV or using a compuer.  I have taken it to work and used whilst sitting at my desk.  Recently I travelled overseas and took it with me.  It was great and I used it in hotel rooms and even at the Qantas Club Lounge between long haul flights.  I would recommend this product to others. PM - Sydney

  • He is a really amazing physio. After I had a knee injury he helped me recove enough to play in the Australian Judo national championship within 5 weeks!!!!! SMcD-Sydney

  • Heidi and Martin always go the extra mile and genuinely care about their clients. Their huge following speaks for itself. WB-Sydney

  • My wife suffers from chronic pain and EDS (joint hyper mobility syndrome) and uses the pad now pretty much all the time instead of wheat pads.  The deep moist heat really gets into her muscles and has been a great aid to managing her pain levels.  I could not be happier with the product. WD - Clayton, VIC

  • I'd like to thank Doyles for introducing me to the biothermored heat pads. I have had multiple operations on my joints and the heat pad not only eases the pain it leaves my joints flexible and makes exercising a breeze. It's the best thing I've bought for a long time. Thanks again.  Wendy - Pyrmont